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Cavallo vacuum phase-change electric water heater

[1] intelligent control

[2] high efficiency full condensation heat transfer technology

[3] ultra-low nitrogen fully premixed combustion technology

[4] < 30mg ultra-low emission

[5] long service life

[6] ultra-low smoke extraction temperature

[7] super-large water capacity design

[8] variable frequency combustion technology

[9] safe and reliable imported accessories

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Cavallo vacuum phase-change electric water heater

       Cavallo vacuum phase-change electric water heater adopts advanced vacuum condensation heat exchange technology, built-in heat exchanger heating, heat exchange efficiency up to 99%, effectively reduce the cost of equipment operation; Equipped with international well-known brand electrical components and intelligent controller, greatly extend the service life of the boiler, and the product has the characteristics of stability and reliability, small size and easy maintenance, suitable for floor heating, air conditioning heat source and domestic hot water demand.

Performance Characteristics

1. With electricity as the heating source, the electrothermal conversion efficiency is up to 99%;

2. Vacuum negative pressure and micro positive pressure phase change operation, no explosion, rupture and other dangers, safe and reliable;

3. The furnace memory has constant heat media water, there is no risk of dry burning;

4. Advanced vacuum condensation heat transfer technology is adopted to achieve high heat transfer efficiency and effectively reduce operating costs;

5. The small size of the unit makes it easy to transport, arrange and install products. In a narrow space, multiple units can be used in parallel;

6. High quality electric heating tube, durable, long service life;

7. No approval for installation or annual inspection is required;

8. Equipped with intelligent controller and LCD touch screen to realize automatic boiler control;

9. Equipped with multiple interlocking protection devices such as over temperature, over pressure and leakage to ensure safe operation of the boiler;

10. Adopt international well-known brand electrical components to ensure stable and reliable operation of the boiler.

Advanced vacuum condensation heat transfer technology is adopted

High heat exchange efficiency, effectively reduce the operating cost;

Other core technologies

[1] 40 db silent combustion technology

Equipped with a noise-reducing function of the air filter, provides clean combustion air while achieving ultra-quiet operation, as low as 40 db.

[2] modular design technology

The boiler can operate independently and can be combined freely with modularization, so it is flexible and can greatly improve the utilization rate of the boiler system.

[3] new outsourcing technology

The boiler adopts new clasp outsourcing technology, exquisite industrial appearance design, high quality carbon steel material, box plate processing, electrostatic spraying, enhance the boiler compressive strength, extend the service life of the boiler.

[4] climate compensation technology

According to the external climate change, the boiler can automatically adjust the thermal output, so that the thermal output and thermal demand match, to achieve low energy consumption operation.

[5] large water capacity design technology

Small fluctuation of water level; Heat transfer more fully, heat transfer efficiency is higher; Not easy to scale; Provide full flow environment inside the boiler, no circulation dead Angle, prevent the small water volume circulation dead Angle caused by local high temperature scale, dry burning caused by heat exchanger damage.

Super safe intelligent control system

Kono boiler iot technology, carrying kono cloud platform, covering the boiler running status information such as boiler, boiler energy conservation and emissions reduction database (report) acquisition, transmission, analysis and communication function, built-in intelligent gateway, direct access to the Internet of things system, boiler can be applied to the mobile terminal and PC at the same time, the boiler system remote multipoint real-time connection.

Multiple security protection functions

1. Automatic flame detection/ignition/flameout protection

2. Gas pressure safety failure alarm protection

3. Ultra-high and ultra-low water temperature/ultra-high smoke exhaust temperature/accidental flameout alarm interlock stop protection

4. Temperature sensor fault detection and alarm function

5. Interlock protection function for burner failure/fan operation

6. Anti-freeze protection (first-level anti-freeze, second-level anti-freeze)

7. Smoke pipe blockage/condensed water discharge blockage protection

8. Leakage protection /IP40 waterproof protection

9. Temperature probe fault protection (short circuit/open circuit)

10. The internal temperature of the heat exchanger is too high for protection

11. Boiler inlet and outlet water temperature detection and protection

12. Boiler inlet and outlet water pressure detection and protection

13. Gas leakage fault and protection

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