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Cavallo ultra low nitrogen fully premixed burner

Model Specification:CVLYB*-QEF-**

Power Range:700-7000Kw

Single Burner Adapter:1t/h-10t/h

Applicable Fuel:Natural Gas

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Cavallo full premixed burner

Adopting the advanced surface metal combustion technology in Europe, the boiler can realize 30mg ultra-low nitrogen oxide emission without installing FGR flue gas recirculation pipeline. In addition, it is equipped with internationally renowned brand SIEMENS/LAMTEC control system and high-precision electronic proportional regulation system, which can burn more fully and effectively save energy consumption.

Performance characteristics

< 30mg very low nox emission

Cavallo Cavallo ultra-low nitrogen premix burner adopts the MFT burner imported from the United States, which forms a short cluster flame when burning and can realize the 30mg ultra-low nitrogen emission standard without the flue gas recirculation system.

Removable stainless steel burner for easy maintenance and cleaning

The burner is designed with detachable burner for easy maintenance and cleaning.

The shell of combustion head is made of stainless steel, which has strong corrosion resistance and prolongs the service life of boiler.

High temperature resistant metal fiber mesh

Cavallo Cavallo ultra-low nitrogen full premix burner, with high temperature resistant metal fiber network, when the combustion can be evenly in the full premix burner, but also can reduce the smoke in the incomplete combustion of hydrocarbons, reduce the flame temperature, thereby reducing the emission of nitrogen oxides value.

Electronic proportional adjustment to achieve full combustion of the boiler

Cavallo Cavallo ultra-low nitrogen fully premix burner, equipped with SIEMENS/LAMTEC electronic proportional regulation system, can provide accurate mixture of gas and combustion air, uniform and stable combustion, achieve 100% complete combustion of the boiler, reduce energy consumption.

The technology principle

Some of the flue gas generated by boiler combustion is directly circulated in the burner, thus effectively inhibiting the generation of nitrogen oxides, and playing a dual effect of energy saving and emission reduction.


Multiple security protection functions

1. Automatic flame detection/ignition/flameout protection

2. Interlock protection function for burner failure/fan operation of burner

3. Gas pressure safety failure alarm protection

4. Leakage protection /IP40 waterproof protection

5. Gas leakage fault and protection

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