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Cavallo ultra-low nitrogen stainless steel full condensing boiler

[1] intelligent control

[2] high efficiency full condensation heat transfer technology

[3] ultra-low nitrogen fully premixed combustion technology

[4] < 30mg ultra-low emission

[5] long service life

[6] ultra-low smoke extraction temperature

[7] super-large water capacity design

[8] variable frequency combustion technology

[9] safe and reliable imported accessories

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Full premixed burner NOx < 30mg

Cavallo ultra-low nitrogen stainless steel full condensing boiler is an ultra-low nitrogen full condensing gas boiler for kono boiler. It is a joint venture brand between Cavallo Cavallo and Cavallo Cavallo in Italy. It is assembled in kono boiler production base in Beijing and put into the global market. The maximum thermal efficiency of the boiler is up to 109%. Advanced full premixed combustion technology, deep full condensation heat transfer technology, frequency conversion combustion technology; Cavallo Cavallo ultra-low nitrogen full premix burner is configured to achieve the emission standard of < 30mg ultra-low NOx; Equipped with PLC intelligent controller, multiple interlock to protect the normal operation of the boiler, real-time monitoring of the boiler safety.

Core technology advantages

Thermal efficiency is 109%

NOx < 30 mg

Exhaust temperature 35 ℃

Super long service life of 30 years

Super quiet 40 decibels

With the world's top boiler parts suppliers cooperation

9 big performance characteristics

[1] 316Ti stainless steel heat exchanger: made of 316Ti stainless steel of international standard, it has high heat transfer performance, strong corrosion resistance and a service life of up to 30 years.

[2] full premix burner: Cavallo Cavallo ultra-low nitrogen surface metal fiber full premix burner is adopted. The air and gas are precisely mixed, the combustion is uniform, the generation of NOx is effectively inhibited, and the emission standard of ultra-low NOx < 30mg is achieved.

[3] < 30mg ultra-low emission standard: ultra-low nitrogen condensation environmental protection technology, < 30mg nitrogen oxide emission index, far exceeding the European Union 5-star environmental protection standard.

[4] super quiet at 40 decibels: ultra-low pre-mixed combustion technology, gas and air pre-mixed, burning more fully, ultra-quiet operation.

[5] 109% high thermal efficiency, depth of condensation heat transfer technology, heat transfer performance is stronger, heat quickly, can effectively reduce the flue gas temperature (< 35 ℃), boiler thermal efficiency is as high as 109%, comprehensive energy saving 30% than ordinary boiler.

[6] intelligent controller: equipped with PLC intelligent controller and Siemens control module, the boiler runs more safely, stably, intelligently and efficiently.

[7] ultra-convenient after-sale maintenance: the boiler is designed for large open furnace door, and adopts the outsourcing form of clasp, which is very convenient for installation and disassembly, greatly saving after-sale service time and cost.

[8] long service life: because the boiler smoke temperature is very low, a lot of condensate water will be formed in the heat exchanger, so the heat exchanger and condensate collector are made of international standard stainless steel 316Ti material, super anti-corrosion, extend the service life of the boiler.

[9] low-temperature operation: the boiler can be operated at low temperature to convert steam in the flue gas into heat, absorb a large amount of latent heat of vaporization, save energy consumption and reduce operating costs.

Deep full condensation heat transfer technology

[1] countercurrent condensation heat transfer technology

Cavallo Cavallo ultra-low nitrogen stainless steel fully condensing boiler, the use of countercurrent condensation heat transfer technology, boiler hot coal water and high temperature flue gas reverse flow heat transfer, greatly improve the boiler thermal efficiency, energy consumption savings, reduce operating costs.

[2] fully recover the latent and sensible heat of high-temperature flue gas vaporization, and reduce the smoke exhaust temperature

Cavallo cavanaugh low nitrogen stainless steel whole condensing boiler, use of high efficient heat transfer technology, fully premixed combustion technology, etc., can be ordinary high exhaust temperature of the gas boiler (160-220 ℃), reduced to below 35 ℃, realize all boiler high temperature flue gas in the water vapor condensation, full recovery of sensible heat and latent heat in high temperature flue gas, reduce exhaust temperature. Compared with the ordinary gas condensing boiler, the energy saving is 30%.

[3] the maximum thermal efficiency of boilers can be up to 109%

Cavallo Cavallo ultra-low nitrogen stainless steel all condensing boiler, heat exchanger using the international standard stainless steel 316Ti material, corrosion resistance, heat transfer performance is stronger, heat transfer quickly, effectively improve the boiler thermal efficiency as high as 109%.

[4] stainless steel smoke exhaust pipe and condensate pipe

Cavallo Cavallo ultra-low nitrogen stainless steel full condensing boiler adopts the international standard stainless steel 316Ti material to manufacture boiler exhaust pipe and condensate discharge pipe, corrosion resistance, can effectively prevent condensate leakage, improve the service life of the boiler.

Ultra low nitrogen full premixed combustion technology

[1] < 30mg very low nox emission

[2] the frequency conversion proportional adjustment can realize the complete combustion of the boiler

Cavallo Cavallo ultra-low nitrogen stainless steel full condensing boiler, equipped with frequency conversion fan and proportional regulation gas valve, can provide the best mixture of gas and combustion air, achieve 100% complete combustion, reduce the boiler energy consumption.

[3] Cavallo Cavallo is configured with ultra-low nitrogen fully premixed burner to inhibit the production of NOX

This boiler is equipped with Cavallo cavano ultra-low nitrogen premix burner. Before entering the furnace, the gas and combustion air are mixed precisely in advance to form a short cluster blue flame. The combustion is uniform and the production of nitrogen oxides is effectively inhibited to achieve the ultra-low NOX emission standard of < 30mg.

[4] Siemens combustion control system

The imported advanced Siemens combustion control system can provide accurate fuel-air proportional control to ensure the safety and reliability of the fully premixed burner.

[5] high temperature resistant special metal wire mesh

Cavallo Cavallo ultra-low nitrogen full premix burner, with high temperature resistant special metal wire mesh, when the combustion can be evenly in the full premix burner, but also can reduce the incomplete combustion of hydrocarbons in the flue gas, reduce the flame temperature, thereby reducing the emission value of nitrogen oxides.

[6] no secondary combustion is required

The fully premixed burner can achieve complete combustion without secondary air combustion and greatly reduce the emission of nitrogen oxides.

Other core technologies

[1] 40 db silent combustion technology

Equipped with a noise-reducing function of the air filter, provides clean combustion air while achieving ultra-quiet operation, as low as 40 db.

[2] modular design technology

The boiler can operate independently and can be combined freely with modularization, so it is flexible and can greatly improve the utilization rate of the boiler system.

[3] new outsourcing technology

The boiler adopts new clasp outsourcing technology, exquisite industrial appearance design, high quality carbon steel material, box plate processing, electrostatic spraying, enhance the boiler compressive strength, extend the service life of the boiler.

[4] climate compensation technology

According to the external climate change, the boiler can automatically adjust the thermal output, so that the thermal output and thermal demand match, to achieve low energy consumption operation.

[5] large water capacity design technology

Small fluctuation of water level; Heat transfer more fully, heat transfer efficiency is higher; Not easy to scale; Provide full flow environment inside the boiler, no circulation dead Angle, prevent the small water volume circulation dead Angle caused by local high temperature scale, dry burning caused by heat exchanger damage.

Super safe intelligent control system

Kono boiler iot technology, carrying kono cloud platform, covering the boiler running status information such as boiler, boiler energy conservation and emissions reduction database (report) acquisition, transmission, analysis and communication function, built-in intelligent gateway, direct access to the Internet of things system, boiler can be applied to the mobile terminal and PC at the same time, the boiler system remote multipoint real-time connection.

Cavallo ultra-low nitrogen stainless steel fully condensing boiler with intelligent control LCD panel

2. The boiler is fully automatic and can be connected with the intelligent control platform to realize remote monitoring

3. Cavallo intelligent control system can precisely control the heating curve, and save the running cost as required

Multiple security protection functions

1. Automatic flame detection/ignition/flameout protection

2. Gas pressure safety failure alarm protection

3. Ultra-high and ultra-low water temperature/ultra-high smoke exhaust temperature/accidental flameout alarm interlock stop protection

4. Temperature sensor fault detection and alarm function

5. Interlock protection function for burner failure/fan operation

6. Anti-freeze protection (first-level anti-freeze, second-level anti-freeze)

7. Smoke pipe blockage/condensed water discharge blockage protection

8. Leakage protection /IP40 waterproof protection

9. Temperature probe fault protection (short circuit/open circuit)

10. The internal temperature of the heat exchanger is too high for protection

11. Boiler inlet and outlet water temperature detection and protection

12. Boiler inlet and outlet water pressure detection and protection

13. Gas leakage fault and protection

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