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What are the advantages of condensing boilers

Date: 2019-02-21
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As a new product of boiler industry, condensing boiler has many advantages, which makes the efficiency of boiler very high. This paper will focus on the condensing boiler to launch a discussion, a detailed analysis of why this kind of boiler by consumers love, introduce its several advantages.


First, energy conservation and environmental protection

The condensing boiler adopts the fully premixed metal fiber surface combustion mode, which can fully mix the air and natural gas in a certain proportion before combustion. Fully mixed natural gas can be fully burned, so as to avoid the waste of resources due to the existence of residues. In this case, in the process of condensing boiler combustion, can effectively reduce the production of polluting gas, so as to meet the requirements of environmental protection.

Second, high performance and low noise

Because of the design of the condensing boiler to occupy a small position, the use of multiple linkage control, operation is very simple. The condensing boiler has a built-in burner, and the boiler combustion is a micro flame combustion, so that the combustion will only produce a very small sound, this can also reduce the noise of the flue, and the use of fan is low noise fan, can be done from the inside of the boiler muffler treatment.

Third, long life and high efficiency

The condensing boiler is made of si-al alloy, anti-oxidation, special treatment and anti-scale, so it has a long service life. At the same time, the condensing boiler adopts high efficiency heat exchange design, large heating area layout, condensation latent heat recovery technology combined, and small water volume, high thermal efficiency.

Fourth, security and stability

Condensing boiler can be operated under the pressure of civil natural gas, and can be Shared with the natural gas supply system in the community, no opening fee, condensing boiler adopts the technology of pre-air and natural gas complete premixing, it will not deflagration due to improper air-fuel ratio, intelligent multiple interlock control, there will be no false ignition instruction.

The above points are about the condensing boiler several advantages, it is the existence of these advantages, so that the condensing boiler can be in many areas of consumer recognition and welcome. Of course, as a professional condensing boiler, its advantages are very many, the article is only to introduce a few of them, condensing boiler needs to be in use to get real experience.

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