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Under what conditions are condensing boilers more efficient

Date: 2019-02-21
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The energy efficiency standard of condensing boiler is very high. As a professional condensing boiler in China, the efficiency of the boiler can be higher in the actual use, which is achieved through some work in the actual use. So under what circumstances and how can we use the condensing boiler to achieve greater thermal efficiency? Here is a brief analysis.


First, higher thermal efficiency at lower temperatures

The condensing boiler main engine in the heating system can adjust the outlet water temperature at will in the use process, can set the outlet water temperature according to the terminal configuration. Through many tests and feedback from consumers, it is found that the condensing boiler has higher thermal efficiency at lower temperature.

Second, the thermal efficiency is higher when the output power is lower.

When in use, we set the outlet temperature of the condensing boiler, and then the boiler will automatically control combustion according to the temperature we set. When the temperature is close to the set water temperature, the boiler main board will send a signal to reduce the opening degree of the gas valve, and automatically reduce the flame to maintain and stabilize the temperature. This shows that the condensing boiler has higher thermal efficiency at low output power.

Third, maintaining a certain temperature difference between inlet and backwater can also improve thermal efficiency

The circulation pump in the condensing boiler used in the heating system is used to allow the medium water to flow so as to bring the high temperature water in the boiler to the end equipment to emit. But inside the boiler circulating pump are certain rotating speed, the more power the condensing boiler is burning, circulation pump is always a speed in operation, if the use of variable frequency pump, the pump speed changes with the boiler of the power, can let into the return water temperature to maintain a certain temperature, so keeping into the return water temperature difference also can improve the thermal efficiency.

The above several cases are about how to improve the use efficiency of condensing boiler. Only when the use efficiency is improved, can the professional condensing boiler highlight its value in the use process and bring better use experience to consumers. All in the use of condensing boiler consumers may wish to make a few adjustments to improve the efficiency of the boiler.

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