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What should be paid attention to when using condensing boiler

Date: 2019-02-21
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Condensing boiler has unique product advantages, and in many industries and fields have a high reputation and evaluation, such results are obtained as a professional condensing boiler through unremitting efforts. Of course, we all know that condensing boiler is very useful, but to understand that is based on the use of know how to correctly on the basis of the following will be a simple introduction to a few points for attention to use.


I. precautions before use

Before the installation of the condensing boiler, the piping system must be cleaned with specified additives according to the operation instructions, and the neutral acid-free and alkali-free cleaning agent must be used strictly according to the manufacturer's instructions. Since the condensing boiler is made of silicon, aluminum and magnesium alloy, if the water supply is strongly alkaline in use, the boiler is likely to be corroded. Therefore, according to the regulations, the H value of the water supply of the boiler should be within a certain range.

Ii. Precautions for use

Condensing boilers must be fitted with strainers or they will be damaged and water must be circulated for a period of time to remove impurities from the system prior to operation. At the end of the condensing boiler operation, the safety discharge valve must be opened to remove impurities, regardless of oxygenation, using a small impurity separator. And the condensing boiler system return water pipe must be in accordance with the filter, to prevent impurities or sludge blocking the system, damage to the boiler.

Iii. Precautions after use

Maintain the condensing boiler as required. Problems should be solved immediately to avoid further damage to the system. No antifreeze should be added to the water. The new system of the condensing boiler should be thoroughly flushed to remove residues such as solder, grease and metal chips generated during installation. In the case of the old system, care should be taken to rinse again to ensure removal of metal oxides and other corrosive residues and ensure that all low points of the system are completely emptied.

The above points of attention is the focus of this article to tell the content, as long as it is really want to make full use of the condensing boiler, these contents must be understood and memorized. The domestic specialized condensing boiler before and after the consumer purchases can carry on the detailed introduction, moreover when delivers the product to the consumer the hand will carry on the detailed use instruction teaching to the user.

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