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Condensing boiler has unique product advantages, and in many industries and fields have a high reputation and evaluation, such results are obtained as a professional condensing boiler through unremitting efforts. Of course, we all know that condensing boiler is very useful, but to understand that is based on the use of know how to correctly on the basis of the following will be a simple introduction to a few points for attention to use.I. precautions before useBefore the installation of the condensing boiler, the piping system must be cleaned with specified additives according to the operation...
Published time: 2019 - 02 - 21
As a new product of boiler industry, condensing boiler has many advantages, which makes the efficiency of boiler very high. This paper will focus on the condensing boiler to launch a discussion, a detailed analysis of why this kind of boiler by consumers love, introduce its several advantages.First, energy conservation and environmental protectionThe condensing boiler adopts the fully premixed metal fiber surface combustion mode, which can fully mix the air and natural gas in a certain proportion before combustion. Fully mixed natural gas can be fully burned, so as to avoid the waste of resour...
Published time: 2019 - 02 - 21
The energy efficiency standard of condensing boiler is very high. As a professional condensing boiler in China, the efficiency of the boiler can be higher in the actual use, which is achieved through some work in the actual use. So under what circumstances and how can we use the condensing boiler to achieve greater thermal efficiency? Here is a brief analysis.First, higher thermal efficiency at lower temperaturesThe condensing boiler main engine in the heating system can adjust the outlet water temperature at will in the use process, can set the outlet water temperature according to the termin...
Published time: 2019 - 02 - 21
Food processing industry is often used to steam boiler for a variety of food processing operations, especially all kinds of bread and use more frequent, dairy products, or crackers enterprises professional steam boiler due to have good heat energy conversion and the ability of stable operation, so use in the food processing industry can not only help enterprises complete efficient processing operations, can also keep the food hygiene clean implementation processing of environmental protection. The following small series will lead you to understand the main operation projects of the food proces...
Published time: 2019 - 02 - 21
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